Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Will October Bring?

This can be a fun month if you like changing weather.

Here in Denver, we usually start out with 70s and lower 80s, see our first freeze by the 7th or 8th and our first snow by the 19th.

Highs usually are only in the 40s and 50s by Halloween.

We've had some Octobers that were high and dry and warm, and some that were cold and snowy.

A lot of people remember the blizzard of 1997 in Denver.

If it does snow this month, it is usually a wet and heavy snowfall with a lot of moisture content.

So what about where you live?

It is a transitional month for much of the country.

We usually see a small spike in severe weather across the midwest and the south as cold fronts start moving south out of Canada and the clash of airmasses being, much like we see in the spring.


  1. I am sure we'll get some more mild days topping out above 70, here in East Central WI. You can't rule out snow... October does average 0.1" since 1971. Climate data concludes that most of any snow that fell in October over the years has be near the end if not the last day of the month. A snowy Halloween 2008 would be a treat!

    OSNW3 October 2007 for reference.

  2. For us in Mid-Missouri, October is the wakeup call that summer is truly is over. The temperatures will hang around the 60s and 70s, but the most notable difference will be the cooler nights and more breezy conditions. The trees have just started to change within the past couple of weeks. During an average October, our peak leaf season is mid-late month. It is possible to receive a little snow, but there have only been 7 reports of measurable snow since 1890.

  3. First frost of the season at OSNW3 today. Low temp of 35.6, currently 35.8. Last time the low dipped below 40 here at OSNW3 was on May 13, 2008 (37.9)

  4. October is my favorite month! I absolutely love the colors of the maple trees as a magnificant message that summer is truely over. This is when God's beauty in nature is shown the most for me! (oh, and my birthday just happens to be this month too! Just an added bonus!)