Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Major Winter Storm Of Season Looms

A potent winter storm will impact portions of the west over the weekend -- and for some it will be the first major storm system of the year.

It could also quite possibly become a very memorable storm system.

The southern half of Montana and the northern half of Wyoming could see historical snowfall totals, with periods of snow starting as early as tonight and lasting through Sunday.

Some of the highest elevations and locations on favored slopes could see up to 2 feet of snow, which for this time of year is pretty significant.

It will also be a heavy, wet snow -- and with many trees still leafed out, that snow could cause a lot of damage.

We are still potentially facing the first snow of the season here in Denver too over the weekend.

Anything greater than a TRACE of snow is considered measurable and would count as the season's first snowfall.

Severe weather is in progress this morning across portions of Florida, SE Georgia and coastal S. Carolina.

In fact, while writing this blog I see a tornado warning has been posted for locations around Fargo, Georgia.

Get ready for a BEAUTIFUL weekend in New England with ample sunshine.

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  1. Same here for the Upper Midwest.

    "Get ready for a BEAUTIFUL weekend in New England with ample sunshine."