Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tropics Heating Up, But No Threat To U.S.

After a few busy days without much internet or tv time, I was almost shocked when I logged into the National Hurricane Center's website this morning.

Tropical Storm Omar sitting southwest of Puerto Rico, Nana way out in the Atlantic and Tropical Depression #16 way down near Central America.

The good news is none of these storms will impact the US mainland or even come close.

Omar is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and it tracks northeast, very close to Puerto Rico, and then out to sea over the coming days.

Meanwhile the first major winter storm of the season here in the west has moved on. No snow in the immediate Denver area, but we did have our first hard freeze AND an entire weekend with cold, fog and drizzle.

Snow was measured in feet across portions of Wyoming and Montana over the weekend.

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