Monday, October 6, 2008

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Today

There is a slight risk for a few severe thunderstorms today across eastern Oklahoma, SW Missouri, NE Texas and western Arkansas.

A cold front is pressing across the center of the nation with rain extending from Canada to Texas.

It is a narrow band of rain associated with the cold front.

An area of low pressure, along with the cold front and some warm, moist air will be the mechanism for kicking off the isolated severe weather today in the southern plains.

Much of the west is sitting sunny and dry but a new storm system building over the Pacific will bring more unsettled weather to the west by the coming weekend.

Here in Colorado the lower elevations saw a chilly rain on Sunday. Enough snow fell in the mountains to close a portion of the highest paved US highway in America.

Trail Ridge Road (US 34) which connects Estes Park to Grand Lake, passing through Rocky Mountain National Park, will likely remain closed for the rest of the season.

It is typically open from Memorial Day until the first significant snow of of autumn.

They are dropping well below freezing now above the timber line (11,000 feet) so that snow will start piling up with each passing storm system up there.

If you've never been here to drive it, you have to come visit next summer! I was up there 2 weeks ago to see the elk and the fall color.

As a bonus I also saw 4 moose!

If you want some snow, and can get away this week, head to Fairbanks, Alaska. This week's forecast calls for highs near 30 and lows around 20 with occasional snow showers possible.

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  1. I think a discussion on "frost" and frost types would be on order this week Chris.

    Here in Douglas County, CO, we had our first frost and the forcast for the week includes overnight temps. in the mid to upper 20's for the end of the week. That's plenty cold enough to call for "winterizing" irrigation systems including hose connections and sprinkler system.