Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Month Is It Anyway?

Wow - the weather patterns are sure interesting right now to say the least!

For some, such as around Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC - it feels like late June and early July. Highs today will approach or exceed 90 degrees.

For others - it feels like winter - as feet of snow fall across the Colorado Rockies today.

Dozens of record highs are falling across the eastern part of the nation with widespread 80s and 90s from Florida to coastal New England.

It's similar to when we get the Bermuda High during the summer - located off the coast of the Carolinas.

The Bermuda High is semi-permanent, meaning it migrates back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean during the year - and it greatly impacts the weather of north Africa, portions of Europe, and sometimes the southeast United States.

Today there is a large high pressure sitting just off the coast of the Carolinas. Clockwise circulation around the high is drawing in warm air that is being enjoyed by millions after a long, cold winter season.

Meanwhile - another round of strong to severe thunderstorms is expect along the stationary front which sits on the northern edge of the bubble of heat across the southeast. This "ring of fire" could produce thunderstorms with strong winds, hail and heavy rain anywhere from central Oklahoma to Chicago to upstate New York!

As always, isolated tornadoes are possible.

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