Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heat wave continues in midwest

The middle of the nation is absolutely roasting right now ... suffering for weeks of temperatures in the 90s and 100s.

I couldn't believe the 7-day forecast for Fort Smith, AR when I checked it ... looking something more like you would see for Phoenix.

Temperatures everyday from 105 to 110 degrees!

We are hot here in Denver too ... but it is all relative. Those in the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas would be glad to trade our weather.   But by Denver standards, this is hot!   Today is day 17 with 90 degrees or higher temps.  If we hit 90 again tomorrow, it will tie the second longest streak of 90s on record!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Relief on the way for Texas?

This could be some really good news ... and MUCH needed relief .... let's hope it all pans out.
(meaning the storm hits central Texas ... but doesn't get too strong)

Latest on Tropical Storm Don

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heatwave weakens somewhat

What an amazing heatwave over the past several weeks ... with the most recent rash of records to fall in the northeast.

It isn't that often you see triple digit numbers in the northeast like we did this past week ... including 108 at Newark and 104 measured at New York City's Central Park.

Many places even along the coast were at or above 100 degrees ... including Atlantic City, NJ and Boston, MA.

I even saw some heat index readings top 120 degrees in a few places!  WOW!!

There is certainly still some heat out there this week ... but it is not as widespread as it was ... areas outlined in red on the map below will still have to be patient ... for Mother Nature to bring a little relief ... IT WILL COME!

We are almost to August ... won't be long before we start seeing signs of the fall season hit our nation ... kinda hard to believe, isn't it?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brutal heatwave hits Midwest

Wow ... dewpoint temperatures in the lower 80s as far north as Minnesota ... creating heat index readings in the 110 to 120 range.


A brutal heavwave is gripping the center of the nation. Colorado sits on the very edge ... it's hot in Denver ... but thankfully our dewpoint is only near 60 degrees ... meaning we COOL OFF at night ... unlike the midwest states.

Tropical Storm Bret has formed off the coast of Florida ... it's the second named system of the season.
It will bring some unsettled waters to Florida's east coast ... and maybe some gusty winds and showers ... but it is forecast to move away from land.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heating up with a major heat wave

The center of the nation is feeling the heat this weekend ... with numerous advisories in effect from the Gulf Coast to the border of Canada.  In fact ... at least 13 states are feeling the burn!

Oklahoma City has seen a high of 100 or better every single day this month ... with the exception of a 98 degree high on July 12.

Wichita Falls has seen highs between 103 and 111 every single day in July.  WHEW!

That makes me hot just typing it!

It's not much different for Dallas, Texas .. they had a high of 98 degrees on July 1 .... and have been at or above 100 each afternoon since.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bubble of heat

Look at the pocket of 100s across the southern plains ... Wichita already 107 ... and it is just 2 pm. YUK!!

Dry desert heat of southern plains

Check out these high temperatures from Saturday over portions of Oklahoma and north Texas WHEW!!

LAWTON - 112
GAGE - 112
HOBART - 110

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wild, crazy weather around the globe

This past week produced some wild and crazy weather on our planet ... from the enormous "haboob" that rolled through the Phoenix area ... to an extremely rare snowfall in one of the driest places in the world ... we're talking about the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Some places in that desert have no visible vegetation, and have never recorded actual precipitation.
But this winter is proving to be a wet one ... some parts of the desert measured over 30 inches of the white stuff!!

Intense flooding has damaged thousands of homes in China, and days of extreme winds caused serious damage in portions of Australia.