Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mobile homes and tornadoes

Here is a link to a great new program underway to help get the word out to residents of mobile homes when tornadic weather threatens.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parts of Europe in the deep freeze

Wow I had to share this article with you. It's just amazing to see these pictures from Romania where up to 15 feet of snow is on the ground.

Click to read: Digging out from deep snow in Romania

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter finally shows in the eastern US

Check out the SLEW of watches, warnings and advisories in the eastern half of the nation as Old Man Winter  finally decides to make an appearance.

Snow and ice will make for a sloppy and tricky beginning to the week across the central and southern plains, as well as the lower Mississippi River Valley.

Meanwhile, it's cold in the Sunshine State! Temps at or below freezing all the way down to the central reaches of the state.  South Florida is even cold with air temps in the 40s and wind chills in the 30s!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Will winter finally arrive?

The very warm and snowless winter has made many in the eastern half of the country wonder if they will even get a taste of snow and cold temperatures this year.

Places like North Dakota and Minnesota have really escaped the worst winter has to offer, with very little in the way of snow and prolonged cold temperatures.

The deep south has not really seen much in the way of wintry weather either.

But that could change as we move into the second half of the month, with a more active storm track allowing cold weather and potentially even some snow to fall in places that haven 't seen too much of the white stuff this season.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow drought in the upper midwest

It's the year without snow in places like western North Dakota, where less than 6 inches has fallen this season in some locations. 

Things are on pace to be the driest on record in the city of Bismarck..

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Denver's record snow

Here is a great map from the Boulder office of the National Weather Service ... showing the record February snowstorm.

The first map is a wide view, the second a close up.

Storm breaks records in Denver

The slow moving 36+ hour February snow event produced 15 inches of snow at Denver's official weather station (as of 5 AM Saturday) ... that broke the previous "biggest February storm" record of 14.1 inches, dating back to 1912.

It also places the city just 2.5 inches shy of making it into the top 5 snowiest February's on record, and just over 7 inches shy of being the snowiest.

Widespread totals of 1 to 2 feet were common up and down the I-25 urban corridor and on the adjacent plains/Palmer Divide region.

In the foothills west of town, most locations saw 2 to 3 feet, with some isolated pockets in excess of 4 feet near Boulder.

One of the biggest totals was recorded in Coal Creek Canyon near the town of Pinecliffe; at last check, they were sitting at 50.5 inches and climbing!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Slammed by a Colorado Hooker

I know this title got your attention!

As I type, eastern Colorado (including here in Denver) is being slammed with an unusually strong February winter storm.

Typically, we see light and fluffy snowfalls during the month of February with just a few inches here and there. The average for the month is about 6 inches.

But as we all have experienced, the weather patterns this winter have been anything BUT typical. The storm hitting Colorado right now is more like something we'd see in mid to late March or early April.

So back to the hooker thing...

This type of storm is called a Colorado Hooker, or a Panhandle Hooker, because it forms east of the Rockies across southern Colorado, northern New Mexico or the Texas panhandle ... and hooks north and east toward the Great Lakes --- all the while, drawing in plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, slinging it back into Colorado's Front Range.

The result, a big snow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alert level raised around Alaskan volcano

Here is the latest about the Cleveland volcano that threaten to erupt and potentially disrupt air travel.

Alaska volcano alert

Stormy weather brewin' for the weekend

It looks like February will get off to an active start, especially in the middle of the country.

A storm currently moving into the Pacific Northwest will move into the central Rockies and gain strength once on the east side of the Rockies.

Eastern Colorado could be looking at a pretty big snow and wind event, with severe weather out ahead of it in the southern plains states.