Thursday, October 26, 2017

You Won't Regret Spending 8 Minutes of Your Time on This

Lightning. Dust storms. Hail shafts.  Explosively developing thunderstorms. Microbursts. Shelf clouds. Rainbows. Spectacular Southwest scenery.

If any of these things interest you, then you will want to be sure to view photographer Mike Olbinski's latest film, "Monsoon IV".

Olbinski is a professional photographer from Phoenix, AZ. His main business is as a wedding and family photographer, but he also spends a good amount of time chasing weather, the Southwest Monsoon in particular, and storms in general. I wrote a blog post about Olbinski's first monsoon video in 2014.

He wrote a short blog post about his activities this past summer, and you can view the video there as well. His Storm Blog contains amazing photos accompanied by description of his chasing activities associated with that particular photo.

This is best viewed full screen on your computer, but for the full experience view it on a large screen HDTV if you can.