Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December to arrive in winter-like fashion

The month of December begins the climatological winter (Dec-Feb) and it will arrive in true fashion for many this year.

A large and very cold storm system is moving into the northern Rockies and the High Plains states today. Along with it will come snow and some of the coldest temperatures seen so far this year.

Here in Denver, we're expecting highs to barely reach 20 degrees on Thursday with widespread snow overnight tonight and most of the day tomorrow.

Overnight lows will drop to near zero in many places from eastern Colorado to northern Minnesota.

The cold air will moderate somewhat before reaching the south, so if you live in Memphis, you probably won't see more snow.

The mid-south saw a very rare November snow this week with 1 to 3 inches falling across northeast Arkansas, western Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

It has been 15 to 25 years since that much snow fell so early in the season.

Here is a link to some of the data from the recent snow event.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving travel delays

Overall, it looks like Mother Nature will cooperate with this year's travel home for Thanksgiving!

Two areas of unsettled weather over the next few days are outlined on the map below. Heavy rain will extend from the lower Mississippi River Valley to the Ohio River Valley.

Approaching Thanksgiving, a new storm will move into the Pacific Northwest with wind, rain and mountain snow spreading down the west coast.

Here is a look at the 5-day accumulated precipitation forecast for the US.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First sub-zero temps of the year

Check out this pocket of arctic air spilling into the high plains this weekend. The first widespread pool of air temperatures below zero!

Winter will be here soon!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deadly day for tornadoes

2011 has been a record breaking year for tornadoes, but it has been several weeks since they have been in the news ... until this week.

An outbreak of tornadoes over the past few days, mostly in the south, but some as far north as central Illinois and western New York, have caused all kinds of damage.

The worst of the storms struck yesterday across the deep south, killing at least 6 and injuring several others.

Here is a map of yesterday's severe weather reports.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

100 MPH Winds Hit Colorado

Hold onto your hats was an understatement late Saturday and early Sunday across Grand, Park, Summit, Larimer and Clear Creek Counties.

Check out these wind gusts.

0200 AM     NON-TSTM WND GST 5 S FRISCO              39.51N 106.10W
11/13/2011  M115 MPH         SUMMIT             CO   TRAINED SPOTTER
0200 AM     NON-TSTM WND GST 2 SSW LOVELAND PASS     39.64N 105.89W
11/13/2011  M100 MPH         SUMMIT             CO   TRAINED SPOTTER
1015 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST 2 WSW BRECKENRIDGE      39.50N 106.08W
11/12/2011  M115 MPH         SUMMIT             CO   TRAINED SPOTTER
0945 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST KENOSHA PASS            39.41N 105.76W
11/12/2011  M101 MPH         PARK               CO   DEPT OF HIGHWAYS
0930 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST 6 NNW BERTHOUD PASS     39.88N 105.82W
11/12/2011  M109 MPH         GRAND              CO   TRAINED SPOTTER
0917 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST SSE BERTHOUD PASS       39.80N 105.78W
11/12/2011  M113 MPH         CLEAR CREEK        CO   AWOS
0857 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST SSE BERTHOUD PASS       39.79N 105.77W
11/12/2011  M112 MPH         CLEAR CREEK        CO   AWOS
 It was also extremely windy in portions of Boulder, Larimer and Gilpin Counties where winds topped 80 mph!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Severe Weather Season

It's November, and that means the second peak for severe weather season is here.  Now the good news is that it's typically not as big of a peak as we see in the spring.  But the bad news, is we can see some dangerous storms, including killer tornadoes.

A strong storm is going to pull out of the southern Rockies on Monday and set the stage for a potential severe weather outbreak across southern Kansas, much of Oklahoma and north Texas.

This stormy weather will move east into the day on Tuesday, bringing unsettled weather to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas, stretching down into Louisiana and east Texas.