Thursday, April 8, 2010

Residents Relive '07 Tornado After Thursday Touchdown

Enterprise, Alabama found itself close to danger once again on Thursday as a line of severe thunderstorms moved through - producing a tornado just a few miles from downtown, near the intersection of state roads 87 and 134.

It was just a little over 3 years ago when a killer EF4 twister moved through the town on March 1, 2007 - causing over $300 million in damage and killing 9. Over 100 citizens were injured.

A quarter mile (400 m) wide swath through the downtown area was devastated, with at least 370 houses damaged or destroyed

Thankfully, Thursday's tornado was short-lived and isn't believed to have caused any major damage nor any injuries.

There could be tornadoes across the southeast tonight as a cold front moves through. Here is a map of the current storm reports - posted as of 4:30 pm mountain time 4/8/10.

Tornado watches cover much of the region as we head into the evening hours - which is especially scary as nighttime tornadoes tend to be the most deadly - since you can't see them and are often asleep.

If the weather stays active where you live and it's time to go to bed - make sure you have a NOAA weather radio set to alert mode in case any warnings are issued for your area.

The weather is also active across southern New England with severe thunderstorm watches in effet across Pennsylvania and central upstate New York into the evening hours on Thursday.

A severe thunderstorm produces hail in excess of 1 inch in diameter, winds to 58 mph or stronger, heavy rain and dangerous lightning. Sometimes they can produce tornadoes with little or no notice.

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