Monday, April 5, 2010

Dry Line Pushing East

Wow look at what a difference just a few hours can make when it comes to "weather in the making!"

The first picture is from 11 am CDT and the second is just 6 hours later at 4 pm CDT.

You can see the dry air pushing across Kansas and about to collide with the warm, moist air to the east.

I drew some more isodrosotherms - in 3 different colors to show you more of a contrast. The black line is 50+ dew points, the green is 60+, and the red pockets are 65+ dew points. The highest I found was a 70 degree dew point in north-central Oklahoma.

I attempted to draw numbers this time too.

Here is the latest surface map. The low is across west-central Kansas. As it continues moving east it will collide with the unstable air and create widespread showers and storms - it looks like eastern Kansas, much of Missouri, and into Iowa and Illinois will be under the gun through the evening hours.

The front you see extending from the low in Kansas and over toward Chicago and Detroit is a warm front. This boundary seperates warm moist air to the south from cooler, drier air north of it.

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