Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Severe Weather Outbreak Expected This Weekend

The weather will turn active heading into the latter half of the work week - it's all because of a new storm system rolling in off the Pacific Ocean.

Below is a picture of the western satellite view - can you see all the little "speckled clouds" - just little puffs all over the place?

This is a visible sign that a storm system has a lot of cold air aloft - and will likely be dynamic as it moves across the region.

I have drawn in the trough and area of low pressure.
The storm is expected to bring a lot of rain to the valleys with snow in the mountains. The southern track will create a large over of unsettled weather right over the central Rockies.

Toward the weekend - we may see a severe weather outbreak that spans 3 days as this storm slowly ejected into the center of the nation.

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