Thursday, April 29, 2010

Active Weather Weekend Ahead

Storm chasers from all over are heading to the center of the nation today as we set the stage for what could be several days of active weather.

We may not be looking at an outbreak as severe and intense as we did last weekend - but it is somethng we will all need to watch and see how it unfolds.

One thing different about this weekend is the area of potential severe weather covers much more ground. It almost stretches from Canada to Mexico - with the entire center of the country seeing the risk for strong to severe storms as some point.

The winds I spoke of in yesterday's blog have shifted east over the midwest. Warm southerly winds are blowing strong this morning in places like Des Moines, Iowa.

Here in Colorado the winds died down - but not before a few gusts that topped 100 mph over the higher terrain of the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.

Denver's high topped out at 79 degrees on Wednesday and now we're in the lower 30s with rain and snow around the metro area. Between Denver and Fort Collins the snow has been falling hard at times with accumulations up to 5 inches this morning.

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