Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meteor Lights Up Night Sky Over Wisconsin

Some might have thought it was a distant thunderstorm with rolling thunder and some lightning, but it wasn't...a large meteorite, so big it was breifly detected on Doppler Radar, was the cause of nighttime excitement in the skies over southern Wisconsin.

It was even visible across northern Illinois and northeast Iowa.

I have several links for you to look at - including radar snapshots, still pictures and video.

NWS La Crosse - radar images, still pics

NWS Milwaukee - video

Video From Howard County, Iowa Sheriff's Office

That is just amazing!!

There is another great web site, hosted from Guffey, Colroado, called Cloud Bait - and this is a great resource for tracking meteorites and fireball sightings.

On to another is hail season across much of the country. Here in the Front Range of Colorado - the hail capital of the US - we are gearing up for it.

Something I don't think too many homeowners think about is hail and their roofs. Here is some great tips and reminders for an insurance agent friend on mine. It applies to anyone - not just homeowners in Colorado.

Great hail information to protect your home and it's roof - click here!

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