Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colo. Sees First 2010 Tornado; No Damage Reported

Tuesday brought a relatively small severe weather outbreak to the central and high plains - with one tornado report - and a few dozen wind and hail reports from northeast New Mexico to central North Dakota.

The tornado was reported in extreme east-central Colorado, in open fields near the Kansas state line.

My good friend and fellow meteorologist/storm chaser Tony Laubach was on some of the storms in western Nebraska Tuesday afternoon - below are a few links to some video he shot of street flooding and hail.

Ogallala, Nebraska - Street Flooding

High Wind, Hail - Nebraska Storms

The storms brought a lot of lightning - making for a beautiful show as night fell. Below is a link to a timelapse set in Las Animas, Colorado - eastern Colorado was getting over 4,000 lightning strikes per hour with the line of storms. Thanks to Meteorologist Matt Meister at KRDO in Colorado Springs for this video link.

Click here to view lightning on timelapse from Las Animas, Colorado!

We survived another very windy day in the Rockies - winds gusts between 40 and 70 mph for hours on Tuesday. It was miserable!  Does high wind put you in a bad mood?  It does me - very irritating when it blows constantly. We are talking so strong and so constant you can't even enjoy a nice walk - at times you couldn't walk into the wind it was so strong and gusty..

The good part of it - at least here along the Front Range in Colorado - is it was a warm wind from a westerly direction.

The picture below is the 8 to 14 day precipitation outlook for the 50 US states. It says much of the west could see higher than normal precipitation. Below normal conditions are anticipated in northern Alaska and across New England.

Now hopefully this will come true for New England - they need a chance to keep drying out after historic floods during March.

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