Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tracking Henri, Preparing For Winter Blast

Well believe it or not, the tropics have flared up just a bit with Tropical Storm Henri spinning to the northeast of Puerto Rico.

It is a very weak storm and is expected to be downgraded to either a depression or just simply an area of low pressure.

However, it will bring some unsettled weather to the area north of Puerto Rico and east of the Bahamas.

It does need to be monitored since it is fairly close to home.

Elsewhere, a strong cold front is now pushing into the northern plains. Montana and North Dakota are already feeling the effects with temperatures in the 30s and falling.

It will sag south over the next 2 days along and east of the Rockies. Let's just say the middle of the country is setting up for a cold and wet weekend. Here is the Friday forecast map.

There are already some flood watches out around eastern Kansas and across much of Missouri, eastern Oklahoma and northern Arkansas in advance of the storm system.

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  1. The first frost/Freeze looks to be a sure thing this weekend here in NE Iowa.Some rain today be it light.

    Fall is here and we love it.