Monday, October 26, 2009

Dynamic Storm To Sweep Nation This Week

A new storm system is moving into the Pacific Northwest today with clouds, rain, wind and high elevation snow.

Winter storm warnings are in effect for the mountains of Washington state, northern Idaho and western Montana.

The storm will initially dive south and carve out a large trough of low pressure across the Great Basin of the western United States tonight and into the day on Tuesday.

As the storm system develops, it will be quite the wind maker across the deserts of southern California, Nevada, southern Utah and northwest Arizona.

If your travel plans take you into Las Vegas on Tuesday get ready for one bumpy ride!

Later in the day on Tuesday the storm will begin a slow crawl to the east. It is expected to bring heavy snow into Colorado and northern New Mexico, both across higher and lower elevations.

If the low takes the right track, residents of Denver could be shoveling 1 to 2 feet of snow by Thursday morning.

Late Thursday, but especially into Friday and Saturday, we could be looking at a severe weather outbreak in the areas outlined on the map below.

It will all depend on just how this storm system evolves over the next 36 hours and the exact track it takes.

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  1. We are getting a nice soaking rain here at WA-LN-2 in Inland NW. October has been a "wet" month - in fact the wettest thus far for the year.