Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soggy South, Wintry West -- Get Those Gauges Ready

Wow the CoCoRaHS maps are going to be colorful over the next few days as the rain gauges get a workout all across the nation.

Let's start in the south.

A very soggy air mass is in place with widespread heavy rain today from Arkansas to Georgia.

In the panhandle of Florida, severe weather is possible through the afternoon hours. The Storms Prediction Center has issued a tornado watch until 6 pm.

Heavy rain has been falling across the Atlanta metro this morning, especially on the west and northwest side of the city, which was hit so hard by epic flooding during September.

There are numerous flash flood warnings in effect for the region.

In the south today, remember the very important safety rule: TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!

It just isn't worth driving through a flooded road because you never know if the road is still there -- and even if it is and you can see it -- it might not be stable.

Heavy rain fell across Texas on Monday. Several places from Austin and San Antonio to Dallas and Houston saw flash flooding.

Along with the heavy rain came some cooler temperatures -- with many locations reporting 50s and even some chilly 40s this morning.

In addition to the south, it's wet in the northeast today such as in and around New York City.

And looking out west, the big storm that will sweep across the nation over the next 5 days is starting to take shape this morning.

It will start with a lot of wind for the western US, in particular, in and around the Las Vegas vicinity and across southern California. Red flag warnings for high fire danger cover much of Arizona.

As the low pressure strengthens and starts a slow trek to the east across northern Arizona and northern New Mexico tonight, snow will begin to fly across Colorado and much of the central Rockies.

It will likely be measured in feet in a lot of places before all is said and done Thursday.

A 2-day snow event is always fun -- one reason why I love living in Denver!

And looking down the road, severe weather is likely to be with us Wednesday through Saturday -- starting in Texas and moving east ahead of this large winter storm that is currently developing across the west.

We are entering the second severe weather season in the lower 48. It usually starts sometime in October and peaks later in November or December as the air masses once again battle it out -- just like in the spring.

The biggest difference between severe weather in the fall versus the spring months is it usually isn't as widespread, mostly confined to the Gulf Coast states.

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  1. Enjoy the snow Chris. I hope to see some photos if you're measuring in feet! Supposed to be in the low 60's on Thursday in Northeast WI.