Thursday, October 8, 2009

Henri Downgraded, Large Fall Strom Moving In

Tropical Storm Henri is now just a depression as it slowly drifts west. It will skirt across the northern shore of Puerto Rico and continue moving west toward Hispanola.

Meanwhile, the center of the nation is cool and damp as a large autumn storm system moves across the region.

It will spread widespread showers across portions of Kansas and Missouri. Behind that, in the cooler air, anything from freezing fog and drizzle to some light snow is possible from Denver to North Dakota.

Flash flood watches are out from Texas to central Indiana as this storm system moves further south and east over the next 24 hours.

Freeze warnings cover all of North Dakota, portions of South Dakota and western Minnesota. Temperatures will fall into the lower teens in some places.

Rain will move into the southeat states and New England before the week is over.

If you want some dry weather, head west. From San Diego to Seattle the next few days looks dry.


  1. We live in Colorado , so maybe we'll get some snow this weekend.

  2. Home madestew and you forgot THE BISCUITS!!!!!Mimi