Monday, October 12, 2009

More Southern Rain, Chilly Midwest

More rain is on tap (no pun intended) for portions of the south, from southern Arkansas over to the Atlanta area.

Atlanta has seen just over 46" of rain so far this year. The 30-year average for the period of January through December is just over 50 inches so they are pretty much on track to have a normal year.

The problem is after a dry start Mother Nature decided to play catch-up with a very wet late summer that brought epic flooding.

Click here to read about the epic floods that hit Atlanta in September.

It was a cold weekend along the eastern Rockies and across the northern plains. Here in Denver we never left the 20s during the day on Saturday.

It was cold!

We received some snow but nothing too serious -- I didn't even have to break out the shovel. However in extreme northern Colorado, portions of southeast Wyoming and stretching over into Nebraska -- shovels were required over the weekend as up to a foot of snow fell.

Some places even saw more than a foot - breaking a record at North Platte that has stood since 1896.

Click here to read more about the heavy snow.

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