Thursday, October 29, 2009

Squall Line Develops Ahead of Winter Storm

Good morning from snowy Denver, Colorado! It is 1 am and I need to get in bed, but I am too excited over the weather.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do a little free-lancing for KMGH-TV in Denver since I am home in the snow and unable to go to my regular job.

So I spent the evening writing a few weather stories. Check them out!

Click here for the one I wrote about CoCoRaHS and here for the one that compares the current storm to one that struck about the same time back in 1997.

Meanwhile I just checked radar and a narrow, but long line of thunderstorms has developed from south-central Kansas into northwest Texas.

You can see this on the 1 am national radar image below.

Out ahead of the storms a tornado watch has been issued for southeast Oklahoma and northeast Texas.

I grew up in Arkansas and have to admit I hate overnight storms, especially when a tornado watch is in effect.

Weather will be a big headline all around the nation today from heavy snow in the Rockies to severe weather in the southern plains to more rain expected in the water-logged southeast.


  1. Hi Chris!

    Carol here in hot, muggy, summer-won't-go-away Florida. I enjoyed reading your comments on the Denver Channel and the picture of the rain guage overflowing wih snow made me laugh! The mental image of that will stay with me today as I wipe the sweat from my brow!

  2. Great articles, Chris! I sure wish we could get our newspapers/tv stations to advertise like that and "fill the gaps" here in MO.

    I enjoyed reading the synopsis of the '97 storm. I hope we get a big snow this's been too long.