Monday, July 7, 2008

Pert Near Washed Away!

Ok many of your know I am from the south originally -- and between Minnesota and Colorado I have managed to lose SOME of my "twang."

My family thinks I sound like a northerner -- but others still know where I am from.

Anyways -- the "pert near" is kind of a popular phrase where I come from in Arkansas.

Over the 4th of July weekend I decided ok, starting Monday, you have to get back to blogging -- so I made a vow to do so today (Monday).

And boy do I have a story to tell.

If you go to maps and look at the Denver Metro map, you will see my dot. Unless another area observer (and there aren't many as my part of town in new and still developing) filed a report after me, someone looking at the data would think there was a mistake.

All area reports are about a quarter inch or so and there is my 1.50+ inch rainfall!

I wasn't home, I was on the westside of town but could see the dark, nearly black cloud to the east. I knew it was near my place, but one can never tell -- the sky exposure is so huge in this part of the world what looks like right over your house may actually be 40 miles further east!

Well, I came home to see my flowerbeds washed away -- all the mulch and some dirt washed up against the fence. Mud was splattered and caked all along the bottom of the fence posts.

I estimate based off the incredible erosion that the rain fell over an hour or so, and really intense for about 20 to 40 minutes.

See the pictures below. Check out the dirt formerly in my yard that is now on the greenbelt path behind my home!


  1. Welcome Back Chris!!! I've got your blog linked up from mine and will check it frequently SINCE you're back in the saddle again!

  2. At least gettin' pert near drowned got ya bloggin' agin! Good ta know y'all made it OK. Folks in my neck of the woods got their gardens hailed out. Life gets tedjus, don't it.

    [My unique "accent" came from West Texas.]