Monday, July 21, 2008

C'Mon Dolly -- Bring Us Some Relief

Tropical Storm Dolly (although I am sure sometime today it will become a Hurricane) is over the Yucatan and ready to move into the warm Gulf of Mexico.

The current projected 5-day path has it making landfall as a strong hurricane not too far away from Brownsville, Texas.

The storm is then anticipated to move inland across northern Mexico and dissipate.

So where will that HUGE plume of moisture go -- I am hoping it can sneak in under the high pressure over the west and join up with the monsoonal flow into the Rockies.

Arizona, New Mexcio and southern Utah and Colorado have been getting some very beneficial rainfall.

But in the Denver area, we can't buy a drop of rain, much less a good thunderstorm.

Yesterday we had a fire breakout not too far from the southwest suburbs of Denver, very near where the largest forest fire in Colorado history burned in 2002.

It was quickly fought, and although still burning, hasn't grown much more than the 140 acres burned so far as of writing this blog.

As usual it seems (as far as this summer goes) the Monday CoCoRaHS map is lit up like a Christmas tree across the midwest, from Iowa to Indiana.

The observer near Clive, Iowa has recorded over 4.50 inches of rain since Friday.

Some good rains also fell in the northeast states on Sunday, with nearly 2 inches of rain in south-central Upstate New York.

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