Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Big Rains In Florida

Florida has seen another day of widespread heavy rain, and it is thanks to a tropical low sitting over the state.

If this low was just a matter of miles east or west of the peninsula, it would have potentially developed into something tropical.

However, since most of the circulation has been over land, it has remained weak and not been able to take on tropical characteristcs.

BUT what it has been able to do is create enough lift in the atmosphere to drop locally heavy rains --- mainly over the central peninsula from Tampa to Orlando and surrounding areas for the past few days.

Elsewhere it is more of the same. The west is dry and hot with the exception of the monsoon moisture. The upper midwest is wet and stormy, as has been the case much of the season.

The observer 3.4 NNW of Hoover, AL received 0.40 inches of rainfall on Wednesday and left "GOT LUCKY" in the comments.

I know several of us have all felt that way at some point this year!

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