Saturday, July 26, 2008

Readers Survey

Happy Saturday everyone!

I just want to take a quick poll of the blog readers.

If you could just tell me where you live and what you like about the blog or what you would like me to write about that would be great.



  1. Love the true life adventures! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Hi,
    I live just northwest of Meridian Mississippi. (MS-LD-1)

    The great part about the blog, to me, is pointing out extreme events such as highest rainfall amount, biggest hail or maybe the highest intense precipitation report.

    Maybe even mentioning some important news or info about CoCoRaHS.

    Basically, what you have already is good!

  3. Lo,
    I am in middle TN, midway between Nashville and Knoxville on I-40. I can see the change in elevation from the Highland Rim to the Cumberland Plateau from my back porch.
    I check your blog every day just because I am nosy. I have enjoyed your various comments just as you have provided.
    Just keep them coming.

  4. "Old Wives Tales About the it really true about the coat thickness of a woolly worm forecasts a heavy winter? Does it really storm 100 days from a fog"? Fall River County, southern Black Hills of South Dakota here, Chris. Hello, and I posted this message a few days ago, so sorry for the repeat but,....someone on the South Dakota daily comments mentioned they are interested in discussing the old weather sayings and, what about precipitation forecasts for the next 30, 60 & 90 days? We've been blessed with rain this summer, which after the last 8 years was sorry lacking. Last summer we had a tremendous forest fire and 33 homes were destroyed and sadly one life was lost. So its only natural for us to hope the rains keep coming through the fall with wonderful snowfall this that in the cards for us? Thanks, Chris. KC Anderson, Hot Springs, SD

  5. I live in Newport News, VA (VA-NNC-3). It might take me a few days to catch up on all my blog reading but I enjoy reading the CoCoRaHS blog!

  6. This is Michael in Middle TN (TH-PM-5)

    I enjoy the different updates from other CoCoRaHS locations.

    Also, program information updates are interesting as well.

    You all do a great job and I appreciate the e-mails from Nolan.

  7. I live on 10 acres on the Flathead Rez in Evaro, MT, 14 miles northwest of Missoula in the western part of the state.

    I'm glad that you're back to blogging, missed it when you weren't posting. Yours is the only blog that I read daily, or have commented on, and I enjoy your comments and especially the links.

    Nolan does a fantastic job with his email reports as well...keep it up!

  8. From Central Florida -

    Weather school would be great - example - in lay terms explain how the heck the 2 tidal bulges work. ;)

    Mostly for students - but can be a great learning tool for all is the NWS Jetstream Online Weather School.

  9. We live & report from extreme north/eastern Indiana right on the Indiana/Michigan border. (IN-LG-3)

    We find your blogs interesting and love to hear what is going on weatherwise in the rest of the country. Also enjoying the weather school you've been giving!

    I've always been a wanna-be the 5th grade (Way back when!) I did my science project on clouds..made charts and graphs & the whole nine yards. But somehow, I took a left turn in the field of sciences and ended up in the medical field. I still do thoroughly enjoy and am fascinated by the weather. So keep the bloging going...I'm happily learning a lot!

  10. Hi Chris,

    Your doing a great job on the blog, keep up the good work. I enjoy your quotes from the observers the most.

    Carlsbad, NM