Monday, June 9, 2008

Still Here!

Sorry for such a long silence on the blog -- I really miss it and hope to be back sooner than later.

Life has been busy since mid-April with work, the changing economy, etc.

HUGE changes with my full-time job -- too much to go into and boring to most I am sure.

Thanks for understanding, I will try to blog again soon.


  1. Glad life is slowing down for you Chris! We missed the blog.

  2. Looks like it is turning to the dry period again in TN. Hope it's not like last year for the farmer's sake.

  3. Last evening (6-28), we went to an outdoor showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Local businesses paid for the showing and provided grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, soda, water, and M&Ms for the families that watched from a grassy hillside. We sat in lawn chairs, some with little kids sprawled on blankets. The humidity was up there but as 9pm approached, we got a nice breeze and it was quite pleasant. I missed the beginning of the movie however, because a big black cloud to my left began to flicker with interior lightning. It was far enough away that we didn't hear the thunder. I seriously wondered if we should pick up our chairs and leave. This being lightning awareness week, I had read the description of how lightning forms in a cloud and how it also strikes the ground some distance from the cloud. The cloud was on the horizon and the rest of the sky was clear. Once I spotted the big dipper and North Star, I realized that this storm would likely track northeast and not approach our location in Prince Frederick, MD. No one else seemed a bit worried about this spectacular light show on the horizon, so we remained to enjoy the movie. Such is small-town living.