Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nice Job CoCoRaHS Observers

WOW -- there were several intense precipitation reports filed on Wednesday from the midwestern states. GREAT JOB!

One Missouri station saw almost an inch of rain in just 15 minutes!

As I am writing this blog at 1:04 am Thursday, the radar is lit up like a Christmas tree in the Ohio River Valley -- I bet there are some rain gauges in Illinois and Indiana overflowing into the outer cylinder even as I type!

I wish I were there.

Wednesday was a violent day with severe weather -- nearly 200 reports of hail and wind. There was over a dozen tornadoes, with the most touchdowns in southwest Missouri. Damage was reported in and around the Springfield vicinity.

2.5" hail fell near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

74 mph winds screamed through Muskogee, Oklahoma.

More severe weather is expected today in the Ohio River Valley.

On the backside of the storm system, highs winds and chilly temperatures can be found in the Rockies, along with some snow along the Continental Divide of the Rockies.

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  1. Hi Chris!
    I'm going to fix your typo!, "Medicine Lodge"! Now of course I had to do that because Kansas is my home state.
    Now on the other hand I'm glad the large hail stayed that way of me!
    Yesterday was rough for alot of counties but here in Reno mainly just a good amount of rain, nothing severe. Here at my station I had .034 in the gauge. It's frankly been a wet month for Reno county, thus far we have only had 4 days of dry weather in a row!
    Well anyway, everyone knows how to check that if they are interested,
    Take care!