Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Florida Rains

Wow, take a look at the maps for Florida today! In Nolan's most recent email, he said that this state would be one of the most interesting in terms of precipitation patterns and by golly, I think he is right!

An area of low pressure off the east coast dumped tremendous amounts of rainfall in the Jacksonville area on Tuesday.

One station 8.4 miles SSE of Jacksonville picked up a whopping 7.83 inches of rain!

Those of us here in west would have to build an arc to survive that kind of rainfall.

Heavy rain also fell in the Tampa vicinity.

Meanwhile, in the midwest, some CoCoRaHS observers were too close for comfort as severe weather kicked off over a dozen tornadoes -- mostly in Missouri, but a few in Iowa and Illinois.

There was damage and injuries unfortunately from the outbreak.

If you have time, go to View Data at the top of the CoCoRaHS page and then daily comment reports. Choose Missouri and read through some of the comments. A few observers give a play by play report of the precipitation and storms, including times.

It almost makes you feel like you were there watching it unfold.


  1. They had some serious flooding in SE Minnesota Oct 1st Radar reports of 5 inches plus in Dodge County the media said.but so far that state doesnt have CoCoRaHS..To bad

  2. Here on the west coast florida west of tampa , out on the barrier islands town of redington shores . Yesterday 0.90" today 0.00" 30.81" for year 2 date !