Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dry Times

October is usually a dry month for many parts of the country, and Tuesday was no exception.

Out of over 2000 CoCoRahS reports, only about 25% saw any precipitation.

Most of the totals were on the light side, but there was a few drenchers. 4 stations saw between 2 and 3 inches of rain. Those were in Pennsylvania and extreme sotuh Texas.

Two observers in Cameron County, Texas were able to file intense rain reports. One of those reported 0.90 inches of rain in 30 minutes! That was just northeast of Los Fresnos.

Yesterday I talked about a cold front sweeping across the nation. It looks like another one will move into the northwest later this week.

I know here in Denver we are looking at 70s all week, falling into the 50s by Sunday with light rain showers. That means light snow is once again possible for the mountains.

Time will tell how much progress that front makes across the country as we head into next week.

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