Monday, November 9, 2009

November Hurricane History

If Hurricane Ida can maintain "hurricane status" all the way to the coastline, it will be one of only a handful of tropical systems to do so during the month of November.

Below are the few Nov. hurricanes on record that struck the U.S. coastline.

Hurricane 4 of 1925 -- struck Sarasota during the night on Nov. 30. The hurricane caused damage to Florida's citrus crops. High winds knocked down power lines and damaged homes. Several deaths were reported on the open waters as ships sank. A ship carrying 2,000 cases of liquor and a crew of six sank near Daytona Beach. The storm made a second landfall as a tropical storm along the North Carolina coast.

Hurricane 6 of 1935 -- struck the Miami area on Nov. 4, moved into the Gulf of Mexico and lost strength before curving back east and hitting near the Tampa area as a tropical depression. The storm killed 19 people and caused widespread damage. The hurricane's unusual approach toward Florida and late arrival earned it the nickname of the Yankee Hurricane.

Hurricane Kate of 1985 -- struck Florida's panhandle on Nov. 21 as a weak Category 2 storm with flooding rain, power outages and beach erosion. The storm was blamed for five deaths.

Some historical summaries show a fourth November hurricane hit Florida in 1916. But research by the National Hurricane Center shows this storm actually lost tropical characteristics between Cancun and Key West, but did move over the Florida Keys as an extratropical cyclone.

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