Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cut-Off Low Drifting Slowly

Those of you in the midwest have had several days of cloudy and damp weather, all thanks to an area of low pressure cut-off from the main flow of jet stream winds aloft.

The result has been this low just kind of spinning along, minding its own business....but bringing those under the low pressure system a dreary week.  (i.e. St. Louis)

In the northwest, a new storm is onshore and it is spreading plenty of rain and wind to the region. One of my good friends called yesterday from the car ferry on Puget Sound saying it was a rough ride!

Portions of Alaska's interior are well below zero this morning. Such as 46 below in Bettles! Compared to that, it is a balmy 9 below in Fairbanks with snow this morning.

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