Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tropics Come To Life, Giant Crack Found In Africa

Well after several days of quiet, the Atlantic side of the tropical season has come to life with a tropical depression forming on the coast of Nicaragua.

The disturbed area weather is expected to organized and make a northwest trek into Nicaragua before turning north and moving across Honduras.

Forecasters currently think the area of low pressure will continue moving north, off the northern coast of Honduras and reform into a tropical storm once it gets back over the warm waters.

The map below shows the potential track and status -- potentially threatening the Yucatan of Mexcio by early next week.

And in some very interesting world news, my grandma sent this to me on email the other day.

She found an article that talks about a huge crack found in the African deserts of Ethiopia.

Scientists think the 35-mile rift will eventually become a new ocean.

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