Monday, November 30, 2009

Low Bringing Winter To Desert Southwest

Here is a map you don't see everyday....winter storm warnings along the US/Mexico border, including the city of El Paso, Texas!

This is being caused by an area of low pressure that is slowly drifting across the region. It has a pocket of cold air associated with it and just the right dynamics in place to produce snow -- in some cases to the valley floor.

Up to 4 inches could accumulate in the deserts before all is said and done, with up to a foot across the higher elevations of this area.

The low will slowly drift east and eventually move along the Gulf Coast by the weekend, producing heavy rain from Brownsville, TX to Pensacola, FL.

Elsewhere, most everyone is quiet with the exception of rain along a front that extends from east Texas to Maine.

A new storm is churning in the Gulf of Alaska and is expected to spread very high wind and heavy rain or snow across southern Alaska. This is expected in two waves -- one today and tomorrow with another round by the weekend and early next week.

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