Monday, March 15, 2010

The Week Ahead

Well let's start off with some positive news for our friends in the northeast who were hammered with heavy rain and high winds over the weekend.

If you can make it through today - there is good news ahead. Not only will it dry out for much of the upcoming week, but the winds will subside AND the temperatures will warm up significantly - we are talking 60s in many areas by mid-week.

In the upper midwest all eyes are on area rivers as the snow melt continues and water levels rise. Along the Red River in North Dakota and Minnesota, some communities are already seeing levels reach minor flood stage - with several more days of melting ahead, residents are hoping Mother Nature doesn't add insult to injury with any new storm systems.

Temperatures in the mid-south will approach 70 degrees this week before a storm system moves in over the upcoming weekend and cools things back into the 50s. There could be some thunderstorms too - so keep an eye on the forecast.

The pick weather spot of the week looks like the deserts of the southwest US - expect sunny skies all week from Phoenix to LA to Vegas with highs near 80 degrees in all 3 cities.

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