Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring To Winter In 24 Hours

If you have never been in Denver during the spring, and you love the weather, well.....hurry and get here in the next 12 hours is all I gotta say!

We are about to get one of our famous 40 degree temperature drops with up to a foot of snow on strong, gusty winds.

It was in the 70s on Wednesday. Today we are only expecting mid to upper 60s due to the increasing cloud cover ahead of the cold front.

By midnight tonight, the winds should be screaming from a northerly direction with a drastic chill in the air. Snow will develop overnight. Initially there could be a few rain showers - and who knows - maybe a clap of thunder somewhere.

Our high temperature for Friday should happen at midnight with daytime temps on Friday only in the 20s. Moderate to heavy snow is anticipated.

We will start to recover on Saturday with late day clearing and highs in the 30s.

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