Friday, March 5, 2010

Few Storms Today Across High Plains

A disturbance is moving across Colorado this morning - making for a very foggy start to Friday along the Front Range. We may see a few rain or snow showers out of it.

As the weather system moves out into the central plains states today, there could be a few strong thunderstorms across Kansas or Nebraska.

Not a big deal - just more of a reminder of the days that lie ahead.

Speaking of thunderstorms, I saw an analysis on The Weather Channel last night regarding the frequency of thunderstorms that produce tornadoes in El Nino years. 6 out of 9 had higher than normal tornadoes.

So we could potentially be in for an active year if statistics hold true.

Here is a link to that report I saw last night.

Around the world it has been a very active weather week - with everything from flooding rains in South America to high waves in the Middle East.

Check out this video of a 33 foot wave hitting a cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea. The wave killed 2, injured over a dozen and caused damage to the passenger ship.

And finally, 2010 has been quite the year so far in terms of weather records. Everything from record setting rain in Las Vegas and Phoenix to snow in Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Even places in the south have seen either record setting snows or top 5 snows, such as Atlanta and Dallas.

Here is a nice summary of the most recent snow in Atlanta and how they rank thus far in the record books.

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