Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tornadoes Sweep Across Arkansas, Claims 1 Life

The first severe weather outbreak of the year hit the mid-south on Wednesday, producing at least 4 tornadoes across the state of Arkansas.

Storms raced northeast along a squall line - with the first tornado touching down briefly in southwest Arkansas.

The next touchdown was in the southwest suburbs of Saline County near Benton.

Here is home video of that tornado.

As you can see in the video linked above - there are a ton of trees in the way and the view of the tornado isn't the best.

That is why storm chasers don't often venture into this part of the world, known as the "jungles" in storm chaser lingo.

In Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, eastern Wyoming and Colorado, it is a different story. You can see for miles and miles - making storm chasing much easier and safer.

The storms then continued across the Little Rock area and produced 2 more tornadoes on the extreme northeast side of the metro area. One in White County just west of Searcy and the other in Cleburne County near Quitman and Heber Springs in the town of Pearson.

The tornado in Cleburne County caused 3 serious injuries and claimed one life. All the tornadoes did damage to homes in the touchdown vicinity.

The Saline County tornado struck around 6:30 pm. The White and Cleburne County tornadoes struck between 8:30 and 9:15 pm.

Nighttime tornadoes are dangerous because you simply cannot see what is coming unless the twister is illuminated in between lightning flashes.

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