Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flood Safety Awareness Week

It is National Flood Safety Awareness Week in the United States - and below is a great link with all kinds of resources for you to learn more about this important topic.

More On Flood Safety Awareness

Our friends in the upper midwest, specifically North Dakota and Minnesota, know all too well about flood safety. Many people in this region, especially along the Red River, are in a tense fight to hold the flood waters back.

Levels in Fargo and Grand Forks are already in the major flood category and are too close to the record marks.

Outside of the upper midwest, there are plenty of other areas at risk for flooding this spring due to the very snowy winter - including portions of the east and south.

Click here to read more on the spring outlook.

Portions of the northeast are dealing with flooding concerns from the heavy rains received this past weekend - up to 6 inches in some communities. A widespread 3-6 inches of rain fell across much of Connecticut, New Jersey, southeast New York and Mass. this past weekend.

The western states are not expecting any significant flood threats other than from flash floods as we move into the summer thunderstorm season.

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