Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wintry Weather Showing Up On Maps

Well, it's that time of year for more and more of the country. Here in Colorado, we have already seen wintry weather a few times since late September, but that is normal for us.

Now wintry weather is showing up in places like upstate New York.

There were several reports from Monday of sleet and a few flakes of snow as showers moved off Lake Ontario.

In addition, the first killing freeze hit the area putting an end to the growing season across portions of the northeast.

Before too long, we'll see the first winter storm of the year move across the northern tier of the US -- November is fair game for this.

Tropical Storm Noel continues to ravage Hispanola. Nearly 2 dozen have died from the heavy rain and flash flooding/mudslides.

South Florida is still on alert as this slow moving storm churns erratically to the north.

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  1. Question: About once a week I find that I have to take my rain guage apart and wash it out, due to the collection dust and pollen. Anyone else have this problem?