Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Skies Open In Drought Plagued Areas

My goodness -- today's CoCoRaHS reports must be some kind of record. I'll have to email Nolan to ask.

There were just over 350 reports of 1.00" or more as of 10:30 am MDT today -- 356 to be exact.

And what is so wonderful is many of those reports are from Tennessee and Alabama.

In fact, 216 of those reports were from Tennessee alone! Rain gauges were hard at work on Monday and that is a GOOD THING for this drought stricken state.

Two stations in Montgomery County picked up over 6.00 inches of rain yesterday, and one in Humphreys did too.

One observer in Davidson County, Tennessee said it best in the daily comment reports --- WHOOPEE!!!

Another observer near Spring Hill, Tennessee said there is water in the pond again -- my goodness that is great news.

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  1. The evening newscast tonight said as much as eight inches of rain fell in parts of west-central Tennessee.