Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moderate Risk For Severe Weather

A new storm system will cross the Rockies over the next 36 hours and move into the southern plains by Wednesday.

It is anticipated that it will generate a pretty big outbreak of severe weather across eastern Kansas and Oklahoma, extending into southern Missouri and portions of Arkansas.

The severe weather threat will then shift into the Ohio River Valley by Thursday.

If you live in these areas, you may want to keep an eye on the Storms Prediction Center Web site by clicking here.

Look under convective outlook (listed as Conv. Outlook) in the menu across the top of the page to see the highest threat areas.

Here is another nice resource on the internet to see the current weather observations on a regional basis. Click here.

One that window opens, there should be a map of the US with all kinds of dots representing the most recently reoprted weather conditions at that location.

Green dots mean clear skies, where the blue and red dots are clustered -- well that is where the clouds are.

You will see a few locations are highlighted, such as Little Rock (LIT) and Wichita (ITC). Click one of those and it will bring up a regional map of current weather.

These maps are helpful because you can see the overall flow of wind through the wind vectors. Check out the southern plains states today -- a huge flow of southerly and southwesterly winds overall (at least when I checked while writing this blog Tuesday morning).

Those winds are transporting low and mid-level moisture up into the severe weather target zone on Wednesday.

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