Friday, October 12, 2007

Hail In West Texas

There were about a dozen reports of hail in west Texas on Thursday. Some of it was quite large, esp. near the town of Maple along the New Mexico state line.

I love reading the daily comment reports on CoCoRaHS -- I see another Maryland observer seeing the first rainfall in 26 days.

There is also a Tennessee observer reporting their catfish are beaching themselves and dying due to the drought. That is so sad, but also a great piece of information to document the extent of this drought in the southeast.

And probably my most favorite from Friday include this report from the observer IL-DP-32 near Lisle, Illinois.

"Still dry my last record of rain was on Aug.25,07 That's 48 days of no rain. Noway near what folks in the southeast are living with but our dryness is putting stress on many plant species. Don't think I would have noticed if I wasn't reading percepitation for CoCoRaHS."

It is great to see so many of you using the CoCoRaHS website interactively. I hope you enjoy the blog! See you Monday.

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