Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gully Washer In Florida

Check out today's map of precipitation reports from Florida.

Look along the east coast in Brevard County -- the observer 2.6 miles SSE of Palm Bay picked up 5.70 inches of rain -- saying it was the most rain since the hurricanes of 2004.

Even with only 2 reports coming from the county of Brevard, this is a PERFECT example of how awesome the CoCoRaHS network is at showing the footprints left behind from weather, and just how isolated weather can be.

Just a matter of miles up the coast from the 5.70 inch rainfall in the same county, the local observer reported less than an inch of rain.

I am sure you have seen examples of this where you live, and if you haven't -- try and make it a point to check the local maps where you live the next time you have precipitation -- you will be in awe every single time at what Mother Nature can do!


  1. I wish the tiny dots were a little larger on the maps!

    I do look at the maps every day.

    Yea- total weather geek here

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  4. Guess it does not like long address - anyway

    I wish I was a member of CocoRaHas July 28 2006. We had 5 inches of rain in 1.5 hours at lunch time.

    On my July 26 2006 blog I have a photos and a shot of the radar at the time.

    Zero storms to a 5 inch cloud bust!

    Put these two lines together - and disregard the non-weather stuff if you wish.