Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Storms

Well let's start with the wind...whew it blew yesterday evening and throughout most of the night. It was sustained out of the south at 25 to 35 mph for hours - but it peaked around midnight with 2 straight hours of sustained winds at 40 mph, gusting into the mid 50s mph.....that is like a tropical storm!

Below are the observations from Aurora's Buckley Air Force Base. I almost feel like I need to get up on the roof and check things out - to make sure nothing blew away! 

23:55 S 41 G 55 10.00 Partly Cloudy and Windy FEW060 SCT120 SCT200 59 39 48% 29.67 998.5

22:55 S 40 G 56 25.00 Mostly Cloudy and Windy SCT120 BKN200 61 37 42% 29.64 997.7

Today we are expecting the first severe thunderstorms of the season across the high plains. The map below outlines the area with a slight risk for severe weather.
Heavy rain fell around south Florida on Monday with street flooding in and around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm. In fact, Miami set a new daily rainfall record. They received 2.15 inches of rain breaking the old record of 2.00 inches last set in 1900.

There was also a small, short-lived tornado near Belle Glade, Florida on Monday. It didn't produce any damage or injuries.

And I forgot to recap the severe weather that hit California over the past few days. Many locations in the higher elevations have seen snow measured in feet! Such as in and around Blue Canyon.

In the lower elevations, high wind and moderate to heavy rain fell, along with some thunderstorms. Lightning caused some fires in the Fresno vicinity. Trees were uprooted in the Santa Barbara area.

And hail fell in many locations, covering the ground at times - making it look like a winter wonderland.

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