Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Tornadoes Strike MO, Quake Hits Calif.

Easter started off quiet and calm for much of the nation - with clear skies at many reporting stations. But the afternoon turned busy with a 7.2 earthquake striking just in Baja California - rocking much of the desert southwest.

The quake was felt in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Phoenix and Las Vegas. It was described by many as a rolling quake - and not the kind where you feel a big jolt then shaking.

The rolling motion splashed water out of swimming pools and made hanging flower baskets swing back and forth.

Here is a link to some awesome home videos that shows just what the quake was like - but I warn you, two of the videos have a few curse words as the videographer was in the moment of the quake with a huge rush of emotion. 

Home Videos of Quake

Then as the evening rolled in thunderstorms turned severe across east-central Missouri with several reports of large hail and even a few tornadoes near the town of Mexico, MO.

There were some reports of damage to a few structures, trees and power lines. But so far, no deaths or serious injuries.

Here is a wonderful picture taken by my facebook friend - Steve Steinke - from the Phoenix area. It is an Easter sunrise picture Arizona style!

And finally - the next 3 days could be the most active stretch of days we have seen this year in terms of severe weather. A large  portion of tornado alley is outlooked for possible severe weather both today, tomorrow and Wednesday as a large storm system pulls east of the Rockies.

I think just about every storm chaser I know is en route to the Great Plains to track the first (well - guess you could say the potentially largest) outbreak of severe storms so far in 2010.

Below is a picture from the car featuring Tony Laubach and Dann Cianca as they charge east along Interstate 70 early Monday morning.

Travel safe guys - bag a great storm - or two - or three!

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