Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tropical Storm Force Winds Hit Northeast

What a raw day in the Big Apple!

Winds for the last two hours have been sustained at 44 to 46 mph with gusts 64-66 mph at JFK Airport. Temperatures are holding in the lower 40s with rain and fog.

It's not much better over at La Guardia or Central Park.

Much of the New England and mid-Atlantic areas are experiencing very unsettled weather. There have been numerous trees downs, traffic accidents and reports of flooding.

In West Virginia, there has even been 1 confirmed death due to flood waters and at last report there was a firefighter missing.

The cause of the winds is a squeeze play between high pressure over southeast Canada and developing low pressure over Virginia.

The lines of equal pressure, or isobars, are what we call in the weather world "tightly packed" - when you see this you can bet there is a TON of wind across the pressure gradient.

And the winds will blow until the atmosphere equals itself out and the pressure becomes more balanced. At 6:30 pm eastern, the pressure in Washington DC was 29.34" and in Bangor, Maine it was 30.30" - that is a HUGE difference!

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