Sunday, March 7, 2010

Australia Hit Hard By Severe Storms

Severe thunderstorms roared across portions of Australia over the weekend with heavy rain and large, damaging hail.

One report said as many as 40,000 insurance claims were expected after the storm damage.

Rural communities of Queensland were dealing with rising flood waters after days of heavy rain. The Balonne River in St. George was expected to peak Saturday or Sunday at 44 feet - its highest level since records began in 1890.

In Melbourne, heavy rain and large hail caused the delay of sporting events, shut down transportation and even forced the evacuation of a train station when the storm tore a hole in its roof.

Here in the states we may see some heavy rain this week across portions of the central plains and the south. There could even be  a few thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday - but at this time - it doesn't look like a severe weather outbreak.

Now that could change as we head into Wednesday and more "ingredients" come together across the Ark-la-tex. (that is short for Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas)

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