Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Tornadoes Cause Damage, Injuries

Well the severe weather season has been slow to get going but in the past few days we've seen about a dozen reports of tornadoes in the south - about half of those on Sunday across North Carolina.

Several tornadoes were reported from the Charlotte vicinity up into the High Point area. Numerous homes were damaged including a mobile home park. There have been injuries.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week it will start off fairly quiet with the exception of a new storm about to roar on shore in the west. But the week will end on an active note as this system moves across the country.

It will spread rain and snow into the Rockies then thunderstorms out across the plains. We may even have a severe weather outbreak on our hands by the coming weekend.

The month will end on a wet note for portions of New England. This has been the 2nd wettest March ever on record for Boston with over 10 inches of rain. They have the chance to beat the old record and establish a new record wettest March.

Here are some of the major weather hazzards we face this week.

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