Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome To Fall; Kudos To Georgia Observers

Fall is here, and for a large chunck of real estate, we fell it.

Such as here in Denver where temps tumbled below 50 degrees along the Front Range of Colorado Sunday night have will stay there much of the week.

The higher elevation of southern metro Denver, including my house, are under a winter storm watch for 6-12 inches of snow possibly falling overnight tonight! Absolutely amazing!

Meanwhile out west, it is a different story with high fire danger and plenty of heat stretching from Seattle all the way to Los Angeles.

Heavy rain fell from Missouri to Texas on Monday along with some hail and high wind reports thanks to a squall line of severe thunderstorms.

Much needed rain is falling across central Texas today.

The flooding continues across 17 counties of Georgia. I saw an interview with the Georgia State Climatologist on television yesterday and he highlighted only CoCoRaHS precipitation reports during his interview.

One was in Douglas County -- checking in with over 11 inches of rain at the time, and the other was on the opposite side of metro Atlanta with 9.60 inches of rain.

That is excellent publicity and validation for what we do -- so congratulations to the Georgia observers who have been able to help document the footprint of this historic weather event.

I am sure it will be studies in great detail over the days and week to come.

On this date in 1989, Hurricane Hugo was over the Carolinas and losing strength. Meanwhile, strong northwesterly winds ushered unseasonably cold air into the north central U.S., just in time for the official start of autumn. Squalls produced light snow in northern Wisconsin. Winds in Wisconsin gusted to 52 mph at Rhinelander.

In 1988 in this date, an early morning thunderstorm produced baseball size hail at Plainview, in Hale County TX. Late in the evening more thunderstorms in the Southern High Plains Region produced wind gusts to 75 mph at Plainview TX and Crosby TX.

And in 1983, forty-one cities reported record cold temperatures during the morning. Houston, TX, hit 50 degrees, and Williston ND plunged to 19 degrees.

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  1. I saw some pictures of the Atlanta flooding, Six Flags has been hit pretty hard. Several of the rides in low areas of the park are surrounded by water. ;(