Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jet Stream Turning Active?

Well taking a look at a few weather models, it looks like the jet stream, which has been parked over southern Canada for several days now, will start to dip south as we head into the month of October.

The first signs of this will come early next week as an area of low pressure develops over the Great Lakes.

It should bring some very windy conditions to the western Great Lakes by early next week.

Behind that low pressure will be an even bigger area of disturbed weather, or a trough, moving onshore in the Pacific Northwest by the 1st of October.

This should bring some cooler and unsettled weather into the Rockies for the first few days of October.

It looks like the southwest and western US will stay hot and dry under a ridge of high pressure. This isn't good for the fire conditions, especially across California.

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  1. We just had our first snow the other day here in Idaho Springs , Colorado . It seems like our first snow came early this year . We'll see what this winter brings.